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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Announcing Woodall Realty Group

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We have an exciting announcement to share with you. The Justin Woodall Team at Keller Williams is now Woodall Realty Group. We have brought our entire team over to our brand new independent brokerage, but what does that mean for our current or potential clients?

Basically, nothing is going to change. We will continue to run our business in the same way we did at Keller Williams, but we will now have more resources and more autonomy to be able to serve our clients and customers at a higher level.

We are not looking to fill our office with as many agents as possible. Our business model will remain the same. We are a team of rockstars. Every agent on our team is expected to know their stuff and be experts in the business. If they can’t do that, they won’t stay on the team.

"Our business model will remain the same."

We will continue to have buyer specialists, listing specialists, and transaction managers. Each person will be able to do what they are really good at, which will make us more productive as a team.

Most brokers in town just have a bunch of different agents running around trying to do all the tasks in a real estate transaction. Some do well, but a lot don’t. On our team, we have individuals doing what they’re really good at, so all of our clients get the highest level of service. I believe it’s the best model in the industry. When people specialize, they can do a much better job than one person trying to be a generalist and wear 100 hats.

We are located on Atlanta Highway near Regis Bank, Panera, and the new Walmart Market Store. Stop in and say hello sometime!

If you have any questions for us or if you’re looking to buy or sell, give us a call or send us an email. We are excited to hear from you.