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Monday, December 16, 2013

Should I Sell My House First or Buy the Next One First?

It's time to buy a new home. How do you get started? There are pros and cons to both buying or selling first. Let's take a look at the three things you should consider.
  1. Are you willing and able to make two mortgage payments for a short amount of time? If you decide to buy first, you will need to make a payment on both homes until your old one is sold.

    If you aren't able or don't want to make two mortgage payments, it's best to sell first. This doesn't give you as much time to find a home, but we can normally negotiate you a little extra time once your home is sold to find another.
  2. Do you need the funds from the sale to put a down payment on your new home? If you need the funds or want to transfer the equity, you must sell first.
  3. Are you outgrowing your home? Sometimes if you have too much stuff in your current home or if it is difficult to maintain while showing, it may be best to buy first and then sell the house empty. Homes sell best when they are removed from clutter and look exceptionally clean.
If you have any questions about what's best for you situation, please give me a call. We can talk about the pros and cons of buying or selling first for you.

Thanks for watching!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Should I Try to Sell My House Now or in the Spring?

Lately, I have had a lot of people ask me whether they should list their home now or wait until spring. Now is actually an optimal time to sell your home and here's four reasons why.
  1. Inventory is down - There are fewer homes on the market which means buyers have less options. Your home is now in higher demand and that means a better price for you.
  2. More competition in the spring - Most people are waiting until the spring to list their home. More competition means your home may not sell as fast or for as great of a price.
  3. Buyers are serious - While there are fewer buyers on the market, those that are looking and taking the time out of their holiday celebrations are ready to commit. 
  4. You can negotiate a later closing date - If you are worried that you will have to move during the holidays, it's always possible to arrange the closing date after the holidays.
Now is a great time to sell. If you have any questions about putting your home on the market, give me a call. Thanks for watching.