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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Certified Pre-Owned Home Program Benefits Buyers and Sellers

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First of all, it’s important to understand what a Certified Pre-Owned Home Program is – and then we will go through how exactly you can benefit from the program. As you might imagine, when buying an expensive item such as a car – you want the benefit of as much peace of mind as possible. When purchasing vehicles this usually comes from there being a 100 point inspection or something similar where the seller is certifying the quality.

Multi-Tiered Certification Program Offers Buyers Lots of Protection

With our Certified Home Program, we have set up the same type of system where buyers can rest assured that the home has been inspected prior to being on the market and any repairs needing done have already been taken care of. Furthermore, the seller offers a home warranty to the buyer, guaranteeing the quality of the home. One more level of reassurance for buyers is the  guarantee that if they are not happy with the home in the first four months after purchase, we will sell it for them with no commission taken.

Sellers Enjoy Benefits of Home Program With Faster Sales and Confidence

As a seller, when you certify your home before listing it on the market there are several advantages over other sellers. First, your home will likely stand out and be the only one that has been pre-certified. Second, buyers will be much more willing to make an offer on a property that has a recent inspection and subsequent repairs done to the home. Additionally, certified homes tend to sell faster, for more money and usually make it through closing, unlike many transactions that run the risk of falling through over repair concerns.
So in a market where we know the next best thing to new construction is a certified home, why not contact us to find out how we can help prepare your home for sale? There are lots of eager buyers out there waiting to lock in today’s super low interest rates and they are ready to go. Contact us today!